Using decades of experience and knowledge, along with a careful selection of genetics and in-house breeding, we are committed to creating new strains and ways to engage with the cannabis plant through a portfolio of cannabinoid-infused products


To provide a superior cannabis experience that elevates the mind, body, and soul. We are fueled by the passion and drive to produce desirable products and stay true to the idea of building quality and precision into everything we do.


The 420 WEEDLAB Team collectively boasts decades of cannabis experience from growing in basements of houses in Woodland Hills, cultivating an original cut of OG in the late 90s, and owning one of LA’s longest-standing dispensaries which are now Coast to Coast, Canoga Park. Our passion for the plant motivated each of us to establish professional careers in cannabis. And from that 420 WEEDLAB came to be.


We have 80+ strains at any given time. We choose strains based on yield, potency, and flavor profile. Plant hardiness, growth habits, and disease resistance are all contributing factors to the choice of strain as well. We know we raise and harvest happy, healthy plants.


We cultivate in 2-gallon pots in Pro Mix HPCC. Most of the commercial industry is cultivated in Rockwell cubes. Rockwell is known to give you some of the best and fastest plant growth. We chose our system because it gives us better terpenes and flavors than the Rockwell system.

Our efficient processes have allowed us to match the quality and fast plant growth of a Rockwell cube cultivation but with the increased terpenes and flavor of the Pro Mix HPCC system. Our system helps promote a biological base in the soil which gives us increased terpenes, THC, and flavor.

When we first started, our plants spent 21-28 days in the vegetation rooms. We have decreased that time to 18 days and are on track to get it down to 16. During this time, the increase in lighting and change in nutrients explores the growth of the plants. After the vegetation stage, our plants go into a flowering room for 63 days.


We pride ourselves on an even canopy in the flowering stage. We start promoting this as soon as the plants come in from the vegetation cycle by bending them. An even canopy gives you even light distribution.

A general rule is the tallest stem is going to get the most nutrients. Since we keep all the stems at the same height, we achieve equal nutrients for all of the plants. After the fifth day in the flowering room, we come in and strip the plant high and tight. This removes low-hanging plant material that will hinder the rest of the plant from getting the most nutrients as possible. From day 5 to day 21 the plant stretches as plants always do.

We find that large growth from day 5 to 21 grows in good quality plant material. If we stretch too late or early we miss out on material or too much unusable material. Between day 21 and day 50, the buds will set and increase in volume and the buds will become dense. Between days 50 and 63 the buds ripen. Then we harvest.


Our plants get sent to the processing team. They will remove any extra non-usable material, deleaf the plant, which is any sugar leaves or leaves that do not have any trichome development. We cut the tops of the plants off and consider those our A grade buds. We use them exclusively for retail flower. The rest get made into prerolls, concentrates and lower shelf 1/8ths. Those A grade buds are the largest and highest in THC, terpenes and overall quality.


From our state-of-the-art grow facility to our expanding list of wholesale partners and provisioning centers, 420 weed lab is dedicated to bringing precision-crafted cannabis to the United States and Worldwide market. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, creating boutique-quality cannabis on a grand scale, and striving to create Colorado’s premier provisioning centers, dedicated to creating a safe environment for learning about how cannabis can help you live your life to the fullest.

420 weed Lab produces over 60 strains of Colorado precision-crafted cannabis. By taste, THC, and effect, you can experience precision-crafted Pro Grow cannabis.